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8 Accessible and Fun Aerial Silks Moves for Complete Beginners

I'm going to burst your bubble. In your first aerial class, you aren't going to be doing big tricks down the fabrics or likely will not be able to climb off the ground. That's okay, and to be expected! There are dozens (actually more like hundreds) of beginner-friendly aerial silks skills that you can learn in our beginner aerial silks classes.

1. Tying a Knot in Your Aerial Fabrics

Being able to tie a knot into your aerial fabrics will allow you to create a hammock that will support you through basic and introductory moves. This is a slip knot that you can sit, stand, and flip upside down on. This can be a little confusing at first, but it is a great tool for growth on aerial silks!

2. Cocoon

Find a comfortable seat in your knot by creating a cocoon. This pose is relaxing and allow you to get comfortable sitting in your fabric. This will make you want to grab a book and cozy up. Looking for more of an adrenaline rush - add a spin to it!

3. Dragonfly Pose

This standing aerial pose will open your shoulder and help build upper body strength. This move will help you get comfortable with the pressure of the silk on your foot, and looks impressive too!

4. Runner's Pose

The Runner's Pose in a knot fits nicely after dragonfly on a knot and can be sequenced together. This pose helps you open your shoulders and trust the fabric to hold you with no hands. This will stretch your hamstring and open your shoulders

5. Coffin Pose

Find your balance and work your legs and glutes with the coffin pose. You will use your feet to push out on the fabric and balance the silk on your shoulder to create a straight line coffin pose.

6. Teeter Totter

Lean it back and work on improving your flexibility with teeter totter pose. Start your hands high and work their way down to increase the grip strength and mobility range. No splits required, but attempting one is always encouraged.

7. Standing L to Secretary Seat in a Knot

Work your way up and down the silk by starting with the standing L position. This will help you work on standing up in the knot gracefully and trusting your legs and arms to help you navigate up and down.

8. Straddle Invert

Flip it upside down and decompress your back by trying an invert. you can work up to letting go with your hands in this pose. This will help build your abs and arms, and is a lot of fun!

Now you know what to expect in your first aerial silks class at South Dakota Aerial & Arts. There are many variations to these movements, but starting with these basics will help you build strength and mobility to continue to excel in aerial arts. Can't do one of these poses on day one? That is completely normal! All of these movements take time and will become easier as you continue with classes.

Don't worry about looking like a fool or failing. We know failure is part of the learning process and all of our coaches are there to support you wherever you are at. If this looks like fun to you? Sign up for an aerial silks class at