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7 Things to Know For Your 1st Aerial Silks Class

You just took the leap and signed up for your first aerial class - you might feel a mix of nervousness and excitement. That's completely normal! I remember walking into my first class flustered, because I didn't know where to go, what to expect or if I would even like the class. Flash to six years later, and I have taught hundreds of first-time students. That's why I compiled a list of 7 things you should you before taking your first aerial class.

1. Aerial silks is one heck of a good workout!

Adult aerial silks student in a knee tangle scorpion pose.

Be prepared to sweat and get a heart-pumping workout when you walk in the doors to your aerial gym. Aerial arts are a low impact, but high intensity way to workout. Sometimes it doesn't feel like you are working out, because of how fun and brain-teasing the skills can be. Even in an intro class, you grip strength, flexibility and mobility will be used to get you into each move. The good news - if you are looking for a non-traditional form of fitness, aerial is a great way to build muscle, lose weight and gain flexibility and mobility.

Our tip: Bring a water bottle and take breaks as needed.

2. The equipment is very strong

Adult male aerialist holding female aerialist in a knee hang on teal aerial silks.

Our fabrics and hard apparatuses are made specifically for aerial arts. They are all load tested and can hold thousands of pounds. Our instructors often to doubles and triples routine on a singular apparatus. Additionally, all of our rigging equipment and building structures are engineered to keep you safe. There is no weight limit for using all standard equipment. You are in good hand.

Our tip: Trust putting your body weight into the equipment. If you trust your aerial silk/apparatus, it will trust you back!

3. Wear leggings and short sleeves

Intro to aerial silks private class with multiple aerialists doing box pose.

Wearing clothing that covers you skin will make for a more comfortable aerial silks class. We recommend wearing full length leggings and a t-shirt. This will keep your armpits, legs and knee pits safe and more comfortable. As you attend more classes, you can choose what clothing best suits your aerial and fitness needs.

Make sure your clothing does not have any exposed zippers, as they are tear aerial silks or hammocks. Also, remove all jewelry and your socks to keep you and the equipment safe.

Our tip: Wear tight fitting workout clothes so they do not get "eaten" by the apparatus.

4. You'll stay close to the ground

Intro to aerial silks adult student in coffin pose on pink aerial silk.

Starting off, you will stay close to the ground. You may get an opportunity to try climbing in your first class. Most peopl