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South Dakota Aerial & Arts Booking Policies

Below are all of the policies in relation to bookings at South Dakota Aerial & Arts. When booking a class online, you will be prompted to agree to our terms and conditions. Below is the full list of terms.


Due to a limited number of spots in our scheduled classes, and as a courtesy to your fellow students, we ask that you cancel/reschedule online at least 12 HOURS before the start time of your class to keep the credit for your class (class package holders) or be spared a late cancellation fee (membership holders) if you are unable to attend.  

Membership holders can call or text the gym at least 4 hours before class to call or reschedule for a class without any penalty 1 time per month.

If you do not cancel before this 12-hour period, or if you are a no-show to the class, class package holders will lose this class credit while membership holders will be charged a $10 late cancellation fee to their credit card on file. 

If there is a medical reason or an emergency for any of the above, e-mail us at with appropriate documentation. Otherwise, we are unfortunately unable to make exceptions to this policy.

Any classes that have only one individual signed up for them will be canceled. All students will be informed by text or phone of any cancellations. This decision will be made based on the number of individuals signed up 2-hours before any given class. Your pass will be credited back to your account if a class is canceled. We strive to keep classes on the schedule, but need to safeguard the time of our staff and our resources.

Additional Terms:

1.0 - Class passes will not be credited back to your account if you do not attend your scheduled class. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevented you from attending class, please let know, and they will determine if a class pass will be credited back to your account. 

1.1 - Group parties are allowed to reschedule one time due to illness or other extenuating circumstances. Private parties require at least two individuals to book a non-refundable deposit for the party. If a party is canceled the non-refundable deposit will be retained and any additional party guests will receive credit for their pass from SDAA. If a party is not attended, this deposit and any additional sign-ups will not be refunded. Group party cancellations also inherit the same terms as all parties in terms of cancellation or rescheduling

1.2 - If a group party wants to reschedule for a second time, they will incur a $30 change fee to cover staff coverage and changes. 

1.3 - Memberships that are purchased are non-refundable. When purchasing a membership, you are agreeing to the full terms of the membership as listed on Memberships can be canceled at any time online, and once canceled they will not be renewed the following month. No class passes or packages will be refunded. 

1.4 - Memberships are renewed on the same day of the month as the initial purchase date.

1.5 - All individuals are required to fill out our liability waiver prior to attending their first class. Individuals who have not filled out the waiver are technically non-compliant and violating the terms of the class.

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