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Kid's Camps

We'll teach your kids how to fly! We offer a variety of summer camps for kids ages 6+. Most camps a half-days and will teach your kids a variety of skills, entertain them with fun games and give them the opportunity to be creative and explore. All kid's camps are hosted at South Dakota Aerial & Arts in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

Early Bird Discounts

Book your spot in any of our Kid's Camps or Fun Nights before May 30th with the promo codes listed below to get Early Bird pricing. 

$25.00 Off Aerial Performance Camp - PERFORMANCE

$10.00 Off Bounce & Fly Camp (12-17) - BOUNCEFLY

$10.00 Off Bounce & Fly Camp (9-14) - EARLYBOUNCE

$8.00 Off Learn to Fly - Aerial & Tumbling Camp (6-9) - EARLYFLIGHT

$8.00 Off Intro to Aerial Hoop Camp (10-15) - TRYHOOP

$8.00 Off Intro to Aerial Hoop Camp (6-10) - KIDSHOOP

$5.00 Off Bounce & Fly Night (10-16) - TAKEFLIGHT

Frequently Asked Questions

Is aerial experience needed to attend?

They do not need any experience. We anticipate that all kids will be new to aerial or at a beginner level. We will have multiple coaches teaching each camp who can help kids navigate multiple skill levels, if needed.

Can I stay and watch during the camp? 

We allow parents to watch for the last 15-20 minutes of any class. We have a full seating area upstairs in our studio. We ask that parents walk in with their kids at the beginning of the camp to make sure they have their liability waiver completed and so their kids know where to go. 

What should my kid wear?

We recommend wearing tight-fitting leggings that go past the knee and a full length shirt that covers their midsection. This will help prevent chaffing and help keep them comfortable throughout the class, and on multiple apparatuses.

Have additional questions?

Feel free to email or call/text 605-215-1505 with additional questions about kids camps or classes.

What so they need to bring to the camps?

We recommend bringing a water bottle. No shoes or socks are needed for any of the camps. They are welcome to bring snacks, but one allergen-friendly snack will be provided during each camp session. 

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