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Lyra Aerial Hoop Kids Class Spanset Pose

Private and Small Group Training

Schedule a one-time or routine private or small group aerial or bungee lesson. 

Small Group Parties and Gym Rentals

We offer in-person and virtual private and small group lessons on aerial silks and aerial hoop for individuals of all ages. We can work with your schedule to pick a daytime, night or weekend lesson time. No experience is needed to book a private or small group lesson. Virtual lessons are done via Microsoft Teams.

We offer a variety of lesson types:

- Strength & Stretch - focuses on flexibility and strength, using aerial apparatuses to assist with movements

- Standard Aerial/Bungee Lesson - consists of conditioning and skills/sequences that will help you progress on your apparatus of choice

- Choreography Lesson - Have an upcoming performance? We'll help you piece your routine together to music and make sure your routine aligns with any requirements.

- Aerial Assessment - Determine what level you should join for a class at South Dakota Aerial & Arts


 We have multiple instructors available for private lessons. Interested in a private or small group lesson, call or text 920-912-5834 or fill out the form below



Lesson Cost Based on Group Size:

1 - $85.00/Hour | $50.00/30 Min

2 - $65.00 per person/Hour | $38.00/30 Min

3 - $50.00 per person/Hour | $28.00/30 Min

4 - $45.00 per person/Hour | $24.00/30 Min

Discounts are given for regular private lessons.


Request a Lesson

Get in touch to schedule your private or small group session.

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