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Aerial Classes - Pre-Requisites For Each Level

Let’s talk about class levels!

All of our aerial silks classes are progressive, and help you learn more skills, gain strength and improve flexibility. We offer a variety of classes for individuals of different levels. Here is an overview of the criteria for each class and what you can expect in each level:

Beginner Aerial Silks:

Beginner aerial silks in a runnings pose giving the camera a thumbs up.

This class helps you learn the basics of aerial. We will introduce you to multiple ways to flip upside down, explore many different wraps, and focus on building upper body and core strength. You will learn basic climbs, which generally take multiple weeks or months to master.

There are a mix of new students and tenured aerialists in this class. We strive to have two coaches at all weekday classes, so we can customize your aerial class based on your level of comfort and skill set.

All aerial moves can be done near or at ground level.

Intermediate Aerial Silks:

Aerial student in creature pose on a pink aerial fabric.

This class takes you to the next level in your aerial silks journey, exploring more complex wraps and taking all of your moves to the air. Students will continue to build strength and stamina, exploring more open wraps and higher heights.

The following pre-requisites are required to attend an intermediate aerial silks class: aerial middle inverts, wrapping legs in the air (for an invert), aerial side inverts, catchers wraps in the air, hip keys in the air, double foot locks from eggbeaters in the air, consistent single footlocks in the air, cross back straddle with wrapped legs or footlocks, basic understanding of belays, willingness to perform drops in the air.

Advanced Aerial Silks:

Aerial silks dinner roll split on teal fabric at South Dakota Aerial & Arts Fitness Studio.

These students are tenured performers and have a strong grasp of aerial wraps and theory, and have strong body control. All students must complete and excel at sequencing and the basics of dynamics.