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Apply to Teach a Workshop at the DAC

Workshop Application is Open for the Dakota Aerial Championship 2024


We are in search of qualified aerial instructors to teach expert workshops at the Dakota Aerial Championship. Workshops must be taught in person.


We are accepting workshop submissions until October 1, 2024.

Workshops should be skill-based and geared towards high-beginner to intermediate students. You workshop does not need to be strictly aerial, but we do want skill sharing, not just knowledge sharing for each workshop. 

Workshop teachers will be paid based on the number of students who attend their workshop. Full compensation will be outlined in the workshop instruction offer if selected.

Have Questions? Email Katie at:

Apply by Filling Out the Form

I am interested in:

Thank you for submitting! We will be selecting judges and workshop teachers on a rolling basis. Watch for an email from or a call from 920-912-5834 for an updated status on your application.

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