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Which Class is Best for Me?

Updated: Jan 17

We love helping beginners start their aerial fitness journey. We have many opportunities per week for new students and aerialists to try aerial fitness. Have questions? Feel free to contact us at any time or browse our class schedule to get signed up. Below is a handy guide we put together to help you figure out what classes are best for you at South Dakota Aerial & Arts.

1. You Have Never Taken An Aerial Class Before

Aerial beginner student in a side split in double footlocks.

All brand-new aerialists should start with one of the two options:

1). A private solo or group introductory aerial class - contact us to schedule

2). A Beginner Aerial Silks class (no experience required)

3). Take a Beginner Aerial Hoop Class (no experience required)

4). Bungee Fitness Class (no experience required)

Beginner aerial classes teach you basic aerial terminology, get you comfortable on the apparatus, and will set you up for success in future classes. It is also far less intimidating to try aerial classes alongside peers with no or limited experience.

All individuals are also welcome to attend any strength & stretch class, bungee fitness or specialty workshop.

We do not recommend students attend open gym before taking an introductory course, as you will not know what to work on or where to start.

2. You Have Taken Fewer Than 5 Aerial Silks Classes

Beginner Aerial Student in a Backbend Position.

Enjoy any of our beginner or all-level classes. All level classes have multiple levels practicing at one time and offer many variations for individuals at different levels.

In order, we recommend the following options for newer aerialists:

1). Beginner Aerial Silks or Beginner Aerial Hoop

2). Private solo or group lessons

3). All Level Aerial Silks Classes

3. You Have Taken Aerial Classes Other Than Aerial Silks OR Have Some Aerial Experience (5+ Aerial Silks Classes)

Aerial Silks Neck Hang with Dramatic Background in white leotard.