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Which Aerial Class is Best for Me?

Below is a handy guide we put together to help you figure out what classes are best for you at South Dakota Aerial & Arts.

1. You Have Never Taken An Aerial Class Before

All brand new aerialists should start with one of the two options:

1). A private solo or group introductory aerial class - contact us to schedule

2). An Introduction to Aerial Silks class

These introductory classes teach you basic aerial terminology, get you comfortable on the apparatus and will set you up for success in future classes. It is also far less intimidating trying aerial classes alongside peers with no or limited experience.

All individuals are also welcome to attend any flexibility or strength classes.

We do not recommend students attend open gym before taking an introductory course, as you will not know what to work on or where to start.

2. You Have Taken Fewer Than 5 Aerial Silks Classes

We have created a specific class made for aerialists who are just getting started: Intro/Beginner Aerial Silks. Currently, this class is held on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM. We also offer All Level Aerial Silks, which is a class that focuses on skill fundamentals and conditioning.

In order, we recommend the following options for newer aerialists:

1). Intro/Beginner Aerial Silks (Note: Beginner Aerial Silks Classes will be more advanced, these are not recommended for newer students)

2). Private solo or group lessons

3). All Level Aerial Silks Classes

3. You Have Taken Aerial Classes Other Than Aerial Silks OR Have Some Aerial Experience (5+ Aerial Silks Classes)

Often times we have visitors or students with previously aerial knowledge who start attending classes. This is awesome - we love having students from other gyms train with us! Sometimes due to their varied experiences, we have a hard time placing them in athe correct class.

Here are some general rules we recommend:

1). Students who do not have aerial fabric experience, and have only used hard apparatuses - join and Intro to Aerial Silks Class or schedule a private lesson to learn fabric fundamentals for for us to assess your skill level.

2). Students with hammock experience, but not silks - All of our classes utilize footlocks and hip keys. If you know how to do these skills, you are likely okay to attend Intro, Beginner or All Level Silks classes. We do recommend still starting off with a private lesson where you skill level can be assessed

3). Student with aerial silks-specific experience - Want to attend an intermediate class? Send us your Instagram or videos of your current skills, so we can assess if you will be ready to attend this class. See specific requirements/guidelines below for each level

General Requirements Per Level
  • Introduction to Aerial Silks/Flexibility or Intro/Beginner Class - No Experience Needed

  • Beginner Aerial Silks - Tying a knot, hip key in a knot, single footlock, double footlock, understanding of basic climbs

  • All Level Aerial Silks - Tying a knot, understanding of footlocks, understand basics of climbing

  • Intermediate Aerial Silks (coach approval required) - Consistent middle and side inverts, crossback straddle, hip key out of a knot, Russian and French climbs,

  • Open Gym - You have attend at least one Introduction to Aerial Silks class at SDAA or you have prior aerial silks or hammock experience

Ultimately our goal is to place you in the level that best suits your goals, development and success. Understanding the basics to aerial silks will set you up for success in the future. If you have absolutely any questions or if you want to inquire about private aerial coaching/personal training - email

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