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Top 7 Questions About Bungee Fitness - Answered

Updated: Mar 23

So you want to try Bungee Fitness for the first time but aren't quite certain what you are getting yourself into. No worries - we have answered the top questions we have received about Bungee Fitness, ranging from what to wear, weight limitations, what a class looks like, etc. Want to try Bungee Fitness? South Dakota Aerial & Arts is the first and only gym that offers bungee fitness in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Book a class now!

1-What Is Bungee Fitness?

Bungee Fitness is a full-body workout that combines cardio and strength. Each participant wears a harness connected to a bungee that is height and resistance-adjustable. You will learn a set of moves and then will get the opportunity to do them to a full-length song. The instructor will queue the timing and give you modifications for higher-impact moves. This fun workout lets you jump, fly, and bounce, letting you feel weightless while building your strength and endurance.

2-Is There a Weight Limit?

We recommend that individuals weigh 300 pounds or less to participate in a bungee class. This is due to the size of the available harnesses. If you would like to try on a harness before you sign up for a class, please email to arrange a time.

3-How Many People Can Take a Bungee Class at a Time?

We currently have 10 available bungees that can be used at one time. One bungee will be utilized by the coach and then there are 9 points for individuals to join the class.

4-How Long Are Bungee Classes?

A standard bungee class is 45 minutes, however, with height adjustments and set-up we expect that you will be at the studio for 1 hour. The first few minutes will allow you to find the right height for your workout and request adjustments if needed. Private group classes are 1 hour, and there is time given within this window for participants to take photos and/or videos.

5-Do You Offer Private Bungee Classes?

Absolutely! Private group sessions start at $38 per person, large group discounts are available for groups of 9 or more. You will get a 1-hour class with the gym all to yourselves. The maximum group size is 18 people, where two people can switch in and out of a bungee. The recommended size is between 4-9 participants. Want to turn your session into a blacklight bungee class - ask us about our glow classes. See all of our information and pricing on private classes here.

6-What Should I Wear to a Bungee Class?

We recommend wearing sweatpants or leggings that go past the knee. This will help you avoid bunching under the harness. A T-shirt or full-length tank top is also recommended. The harness lays against your mid-section and wearing a full-length shirt will be most comfortable. No shoes are recommended during the class, but grip socks can be worn.

7-What Else Should I Know Before Taking a Bungee Class?

  1. Bungee workout classes will make moves that may be hard out of the harness way easier. Many participants have been able to do cartwheels, burpees, jumps, and handstands for the very first time with the help of the bungee.

  2. There is a rigging assistant available at the beginning of every class to help you find the right level of resistance and adjust your harness. Your harness should be fairly loose before starting your class, as the resistance will tighten it around your thighs and waist. We recommend always starting looser with your harness and tightening it if it starts to ride up in the back.

  3. We have bungees of varying resistances, however, there are many circumstances where we need to use multiple bungee cables to get your resistance set properly. We have found many participants like the multiple bungees as it allows them to fly more easily and it gives them two handlebars for moves that involve holding the bungee.

  4. The harness has padding around it but may still lead to some minor bruising. If you see that the padding is coming out from under the straps, please tuck it back under. We have transitioned to all of the "comfortable" harnesses, but these can still feel tight, as there is a lot of resistance to create the "weightlessness" effect. If you feel chaffing or rubbing, your harness is likely too tight. We try and make you as comfortable as possible, but recognize that you will likely still have what we call "ugly butt syndrome" during the class and some tension due to the nature of how the bungees are rigged.