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7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Aerialists For Your Next Event

If you are planning an event, aerial entertainment is one of the easiest ways to take your event from mediocre to memorable. We’ve put together our top 7 reasons why you should hire aerialists for your next event.

1. Create Lasting Memories for Your Guests by Adding the "WOW" Factor

You want to create an event experience that people talk about for years to come. Aerial performers elevate your events by adding a surprising entertainment factor that many individuals in the Midwest have never seen before. Aerial performers bring the "WOW" factor of Las Vegas to any event, generate a lot of photos and videos of your event and are a simple way to take any event from mediocre to memorable.

2. It’s Unique and Not Overdone

Many local performances like hypnotists and magicians can feel overdone and no longer generate the same excitement at corporate events. We want to make your events unique and exciting. By teaming up with South Dakota Aerial & Arts, you will be one of the first groups in the Midwest to incorporate jaw-dropping aerial performers into your events.

We provide multiple entertainment styles from ambient to immersive to single-act performances. We work with you to format our performances that best serve the format of your event and make sure your event is something your guests have never seen before!

3. Performances Can Be Done Indoors or Outdoors

We offer multiple different options for how we can set up our equipment and where we can perform. We offer consultations that see what the best rigging set-up is for your event space.

There are two different ways we can set-up our equipment for an event:

1). Rigging from the ceiling: in select cases, an event venue has metal or sturdy wooden support beams. We can use our equipment to either clamp or wrap the beam and hang our equipment from the ceiling. We often recommend that a builder or engineer is involved in situations where the ceiling load capacity is uncertain or there are no exposed beams available to rig from.

2). Set-up a portable rig: our portable rigs are metal structures that can be set up indoors and outdoors. Our portable rigs are available for event spaces with lower ceilings or where the ceiling is not an available rigging option. Our rigs can be set up at 10.5, 15.5 or 20 feet tall. Our portable rig takes approximately 15-20 minutes to set up. Utilizing our aerial rig comes at no additional cost.

4. It Can Fit into Many Different Event Themes

Your event does not need to be circus-themed to have aerial entertainment! We have multiple silk colors and custom costumes that pair well with a variety of event themes. A few types of events we have performed at in the past are around-the-world, outer space, and casino-themed events. Though we love a circus-themed event, we are versatile and can add entertainment excellent to events of all types!

5. Improves Engagement and Interaction with Guests

Letting your guests know there will be aerial performers at your event can help boost event attendance and interaction from your guests. By providing enticing entertainment, you will boost the likelihood that guests will come to future events you plan. This will help your client and venue trust your event planning skills and show gratitude to their employees. By providing breathtaking entertainment, you will make your guests think twice before skipping a future corporate event.

6. Pairs Well With Other Entertainment Types

Aerial performers pair well with so many other forms of entertainment. Aerialists can perform at the same time as a band, go-go dancers, photo booths or many other forms of entertainment. Aerial performers are versatile and can be the main source of entertainment for a dinner or happy hour. We can also be an additional entertainment source.

7. We Promise It Will Impress Your Clients

Get glowing reviews for your corporate events from your clients. Past clients and event attendees have called our aerial performances “breathtaking”, “sensational” and “so impressive”. Impress and build trust with your clients by providing them with a unique experience.

Interested in learning more or booking aerial entertainment for your next event? Contact Us and a member of the South Dakota Aerial & Arts team will get back to you shortly! Want to get ahold of us now? Call or text 605-215-1505 today!


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