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Aerial & Bungee Kids Camps - What to Know Before You Attend

If you are considering signing up for an aerial, bungee, or tumbling kid's day camp at South Dakota Aerial & Arts (located at 1200 E. 3rd Street, Sioux Falls, SD) or if you just signed up - you are in the right place. We have compiled everything you need to know about our kid's camp from what you should wear to what you can expect. Have additional questions - email us at or call/text 605-215-1505.

Aerial Lotus Pose by aerial kid on pink silks.

1. What Summer Camps Do You Offer?

South Dakota Aerial & Arts offers half-day summer camps and bounce & fly nights from June to August. These camps are all a little bit different. Some camps, like our Bounce & Fly Camps, give kids the opportunity to try a wide variety of apparatuses like bungees, aerial hoop, and aerial hammocks/silks. Other camps, like our 3-day performance camp, allow current and new student to develop a performance piece, which will range from learning floorwork, flow, and how-to piece skills to music.

We do not offer any overnight or full-day camps currently. All camps are either in the morning or afternoon and span from 1-to-3 days.

Aerial bungee games.

2. What Ages Are Your Camps For?

We have camps for kids 6 -17 years old. There are a few opportunities for kids 4-5 years old to try aerial with our Little Flyers classes. All of the age ranges are labeled on the camp. Have a kid that is right at the edge of one of the age ranges and wants to attend a class? No worries - just email or call us to get an exception.

Kid's bungee jumping at SDAA.

3. What is the Structure of Your Camps?

During our 1-day camps, we spend 1 hour to 45 minutes exploring each apparatus or topic. Between each section, we have a snack break. We offer allergen-friendly snack options for all of the participants. At the end of the camp, we will turn our blacklights on and put on music of their choice so they can further explore their favorite apparatus, and show their parents what they learned. Coaches may give students extra skills during this time to explore.

Single-topic/apparatus camps will follow a similar structure, with multiple breaks. But each section will cover a different topic on the same apparatus. So for a class like Intro to Lyra, they will learn poses, spins, sequences, and groundwork in different sections.

In each section, we offer games and activities for the kids to interact/get to know one another.

Aerial coaching of a kid student at South Dakota Aerial & Arts.

4. Does a Parent or Guardian Have to Stay During the Camp?

Absolutely not! We recommend that you come into the building with your child if it is their first time coming to the studio. This way we can check their waiver and give you the ropes about the studio. You are welcome to come 10-15 minutes before the camp is completed to see what they learned and take photos or videos.

Yellow back balance pose on aerial silks.

5. What Should My Child Wear to Camp? IMPORTANT!

What they wear is very important for their comfort throughout the camp. We recommend all kids wear a shirt that covers their full belly and tight-fitting leggings or pants that go below the knee. Sweatpants without zippers are welcome too. We recommend that you send your child with one pair of tight-fitting pants and one looser pair for all camps with bungee included. Shorts and crop tops often lead to chaffing and discomfort during various activities.

6. What Does My Child Need to Bring to Camp?

We recommend that students bring a refillable water bottle, an extra pair of sweatpants, and a positive attitude! We should have everything else covered! Just a reminder too to make sure your kids ate breakfast/lunch before all camps.

Kid's Aerial Hoop Class Performance Photo With Blue Background

7. Does My Kid Need Experience With Aerial to Attend?

Nope! Kids can come with no aerial experience unless specifically noted as a requirement for a camp. Kids with previous aerial experience will be given more advanced combinations. We have multiple coaches per camp to ensure each student gets level-appropriate coaching.

Orange Cocoon on Aerial Hammock.

8. How Much Do Your Camps Cost?

Camps start at $75. You can find all the pricing for each camp HERE. Join our mailing list (sign-up located at the bottom of the homepage) for special discounts on camps.

9. Where is Your Studio Located?

We are located at 1200 E 3rd Street, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Our studio in right inside of Door F, which is located on the South Side of the Building. The building was formerly Joe Foss/Franklin Elementary School.

Mermaid Pose is Aerial Hoop

10. My Kid Loved The Camp - What Opportunities Do They Have Now?

We offer kid's aerial silks classes 2x per week and offer aerial private lessons at your convenience. We are working on further expanding our kid's lyra (aerial hoop) program in the Fall of 2024. All kids who attend regular classes are eligible to perform in our showcases and compete in aerial competitions with our team. There are a variety of competitive and performance options every year for students both in and outside of our studio.

We are so excited about summer and these camps! Sign-up now for a camp at South Dakota Aerial & Arts. Have additional ques