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High-Flying Fitness Studio

Sioux Falls' Premier

Aerial Arts & Bungee Classes, Private Parties & Event Performances 

South Dakota Aerial & Arts is a fitness studio and circus performance company located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that offers aerial silks, aerial hoop, bungee fitness, specialty classes, private lessons, and parties for individuals of all body types, genders, and skill levels.


We help you achieve your fitness goals, build confidence, and conquer your fears in a way that is fun and safe. Get started with a Single Class Pass or our 6-Week New Member Trial.

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Join Our 8-Week Intro to Aerial Hammock Series

Join our intro series to aerial hammock - this series is perfect for new students who are interested in diving into learning aerial arts and improving their health.

Starts Wednesday, May 1st | $175.00 - Ages 16+

We Offer:

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Aerial Private Lessons With Kids at South Dakota Aerial & Arts_edited.jpg
Partner Acrobatics at 605 Night Market_edited.jpg
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Group Aerial Arts & Bungee Classes

Try a full-body workout that allows you to fly! Try adult or kids aerial silks, aerial hoop or bungee fitness classes. In these classes you will bounce, drop, pose and spin your way through your workout. No experience needed for beginner aerial classes or bungee fitness classes! 

1-on-1  Aerial & Flexibility Training

Get in shape or accelerate your aerial or flexibility progress with personal training for SDAA. We offer 1-on-1 and small group training on aerial hoop and silks for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Discounts are available for unlimited and limited members.

Competitions & Performances

All of our students are invited to perform during our twice a year student showcases hosted in spring and fall, and we offer professional circus event performances. We host the Dakota Aerial Championship, an aerial competition for students across the globe and travel to various competitions.

Bachelorette and Group Parties

Grab some friends and try an aerial or bungee class! We host bachelorette parties, birthday parties, date nights and ladies night's out. Prices start at $36 per person and vary based on the class size. Our group parties are accessible to individuals with no fitness or aerial experience. 

5-Star Fitness Coaching

Based on Google reviews. Enjoyed a class with us? Leave us a review!

Elizabeth W.

I’ve been to a handful of classes with them now. Always had an amazing experience. All the instructors are so wonderful, helpful and kind. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I had 0 experience in this and I was nervous to try but those fears were quickly put away within minutes of my first class. I would recommend them to anyone :).

Juggling and Circus Performers and 605 Made Night Market in Sioux Falls

Hire Circus Performers for Your Event

Make your events memorable with circus entertainment. We offer a variety of unique performance services that will give your events Vegas-style flair, excitement and help create last memories. 


We offer aerial silks, aerial hoop, lollipop lyra, acrobatics, juggling, fire dancing and more. 

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